EMSCULPT Vs. CoolSculpting

If you’ve found that losing those last few inches is hard, you may be surprised to find that selecting the right body sculpting treatment is even harder. There are many devices on the market, offered by many providers, all of which make strong claims about how effective, safe and convenient they are. Even if you select the “right” device for your needs, you’ll likely find that choosing the right provider is another challenge. So how do you pick the right device and doctor for your needs?

Two of the more prominent treatments available today are EMSCULPT and CoolSculpting. While they both aim to eliminate unwanted fat around the middle section of the body, the treatments use different methods and offer patients slightly different outcomes. Making a choice about which treatment will be most advantageous to you, however, involves understanding these key differences. Let’s look at each treatment now so you can get started with your body contouring treatment and start looking great now.

How does EMSCULPT work?

EMSCULPT uses high-intensity magnetic energy, also known as “HIFEM,” to eliminate unwanted fat in hard to improve areas. The device focuses magnetic energy on muscles in your concern areas, inducing thousands of supramaximal contractions that can result in the equivalent of 20,000 traditional sit-ups. Magnetic energy is safe to use on the body for a wide variety of medical treatments. With EMSCULPT, now this technology can be harnessed and targeted to strengthen muscles and burn fat. This combination of improvements can offer clients more tightness, tone and definition where they want it most.

Here are the facts on what an EMSCULPT treatment offers:

  • A 16% Average Increase in Muscle Mass
  • A 19% Average Fat Reduction
  • A 96% Average Patient Satisfaction

EMSCULPT offers fewer, more effective treatments with little risk and no downtime, making it one of the most popular body contouring treatments you can have.

How does CoolSculpting’s technology compare?

CoolSculpting takes a different approach to ridding the body of stubborn fat. By contrast, CoolSculpting freezes unwanted fat cells, killing them and then allowing the body to eliminate them quickly and naturally. Since fat cells are highly susceptible to cold, unlike adjacent tissue cells, only fat cells are targeted, leading to improved tone and a slimmer look after your treatment.

CoolSculpting offers patients:

  • permanent elimination of unwanted fat cells
  • improved skin tone and body contours
  • a safe treatment that leaves muscle and skin unharmed
  • a convenient way to supplement your current health regimen

Like EMSCULPT, CoolSculpting offers targeted fat elimination that can help you achieve more than diet and exercise alone. Now let’s see what’s different about these procedures and why this matters to potential patients.

So, which treatment is better for my needs?

First of all, the best and, by far, the safest way to select a procedure for your cosmetic needs is to have a consult with a qualified and experienced cosmetic physician near you, like Dr. William Ting of California Dermatology Care. An in-person examination is a crucial and non-negotiable first step in your course of treatment since it allows your doctor to base your treatment on your specific concerns, their severity and the overall quality of your skin. This ensures you receive not only the right treatment but also the right amount of rejuvenation. This will highlight your best features instead of hide them.

But which is best — EMSCULPT or CoolSculpting? Here’s how these two treatments stack up against one another. As far as convenience goes, EMSCULPT and CoolSculpting both offer patients comfortable in-office treatments with procedure times that truly make them “lunchtime” treatments. However, your experience in-office will be different for each treatment. Many patients find EMSCULPT to be more comfortable than procedures like CoolSculpting, which cool and warm the body in rapid succession and suction the skin in the treated areas during treatment.

Another key difference is how results are achieved. EMSCULPT closely resembles an intense workout, strengthening muscles and burning fat, so it’s a much more natural procedure than CoolSculpting which freezes and destroys fat cells. While the results of each treatment are similar, EMSCULPT patients often see results more quickly. With CoolSculpting, it can take months for your body to eliminate the fat cells that produce your results; EMSCULPT gives most patients visible results in mere weeks. Both treatments offer patients no downtime. Ultimately, your choice of procedure is highly personal, but the advantages of EMSCULPT make it worth considering as your first choice for body contouring.

Trust Dr. Ting for your EMSCULPT treatment and all your body needs!

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