Having persistent acne is a frustrating and painful experience, and unfortunately, one that’s written all over your face. But we have great news. Even if other methods of fighting recurring breakouts have been unsuccessful for you, we now have the latest noninvasive treatment for better, faster results. 

California Dermatology now offers AviClear, the first FDA-approved laser for mild, moderate and severe acne that works safely on all skin types without prescription medications or antibiotic creams. This is your new clear skin solution, regardless of age or root causes of your breakouts.

AviClear’s unique laser improves your existing acne while making future breakouts shorter, less intense, and less frequent in the long term. We can help you significantly reduce your acne in three 30-minute treatment sessions.

How Does AviClear Work?

AviClear was engineered to work on all skin types with its revolutionary nanometer laser wavelength that selectively targets sebaceous glands, not the top layers of skin. Because acne, especially those painful nodules and cysts, starts deep under your skin in the sebaceous glands, this is where the AviClear laser works.  

The underlying issue for all active breakouts occurs when sebum is overproduced and clogs the pores, introducing bacteria. So instead of naturally releasing a fair amount of oils that get effectively washed away, too much production creates infectious pimples and blackheads. This cycle will repeat until sebum production is under control. 

AviClear eliminates acne at the source, suppressing natural sebum production, resulting in less breakouts now and for a very long time.

Acne Types Treated by AviClear

  • Traditional
  • Hormonal
  • Adult
  • Cystic
  • Resistant 
  • Mild – Severe

What Happens During an AviClear Acne Treatment? 

You can expect a typical AviClear treatment to take about 30 minutes. We start with fresh skin, which means we apply a gentle cleanser and then follow with an acetone wipe to reduce all oils from your skin’s surface since AviClear’s laser targets all oils and their source.

As with any laser treatment, heat is an expected sensation and risks becoming uncomfortable for some patients. To combat this, AviClear’s laser has a built-in cooling system to avoid discomfort and significantly reduce that heat. To help you stay as comfortable as possible, we also apply wet gauze pads to cover your face to assist in an even cooling across your face which is removed just before we pass the laser over each section. 

Depending on the level of oil production and evidence of acne in each area, the laser will be passed one to two times over each section. Some parts of the face tend to be more sensitive, which will also be considered. 

Finally, sunscreen is applied post-treatment, and your session is complete.

Expected AviClear Treatment Results

Acne cycles from oil production to breakout and clearing take a few weeks. So while AviClear begins working on your sebaceous glands immediately, the results will become visible about four weeks after your third AviClear treatment. The good news is that these results continue to improve, with or without further treatment.

Clinical studies show a 90% reduction of cystic acne with six months of treatments. And further benefits continue beyond 12 months after all sessions are completed, which means long-lasting results.

Who Makes a Good Candidate For AviClear?

In North America, over 50 million people– teens and adults alike– struggle with persistent and resistant acne, and almost all are good candidates for AviClear. It’s an incredibly effective option for those who cannot use typical medications or topical treatments due to other health conditions. 

It’s not recommended for patients with flushing rosacea, which can worsen with laser treatments. 

Get Clear Skin With AviClear At California Dermatology Care

There’s a reason why Cosmopolitan magazine voted AviClear the best acne treatment of 2022. Any skin type can have oil production reduced and breakout eliminated for the long term with just a few sessions.

So if you’re finally done dealing with breakouts and want to show off clear skin in only a matter of weeks, get AviClear treatments with us in our San Ramon office. Call (925) 328-0255 or schedule an online appointment.


Can I have AviClear treatments if I’m pregnant?

AviClear, like most lasers, is not recommended during pregnancy. However, you may choose to schedule treatments ahead of time. Having AviClear in anticipation of getting pregnant will help your skin stay clear while you’re expecting.

How many treatments will I need?

For best results, doctors recommend a series of three monthly AviClear treatments. Each 30-minute treatment session comes with little to no downtime.

Does AviClear require medications or special skincare?

No. You will not be taking medications along with your AviClear treatments– they are unnecessary. Oil production and occurrence of breakouts will reduce with the use of the laser that targets your sebaceous glands. One purpose of AviClear is to eliminate the need for acne meds. We can recommend how to care for your skin between and after AviClear to protect your beautiful face and keep it glowing.

Are there side effects with AviClear?

Researchers saw no significant side effects in the clinical trial, which found AviClear safe, effective, and well tolerated by all skin types. There is a low possibility that your skin may be slightly sensitive or swollen for up to two days after each session. Also, as with any clearing facial treatments, you may experience an initial breakout after having an AviClear treatment—due to oil purging. These clear up quickly.

Will AviClear hurt?

Pain has not been reported, and numbing cream will not be applied before your treatment. You may feel a light snapping sensation from the laser energy, but most patients confirm tolerating the treatment well without needing pain meds or to cease the session. Plus, AviClear is equipped with the exclusive AviCool™ system to maintain your skin’s temperature during each treatment.

How should I prepare for my AviClear treatments?

Patients with beards should shave the morning of the appointment when hair-bearing areas will be part of the treatment. You’ll also need to discontinue the use of any topical or ingested retinoid products for a couple of days before each AviClear treatment or possibly for the duration of all sessions. We will cover all of this in your consultation, which you can book here.