5 Reasons to Choose the Subnovii Plasma Pen for Your Wrinkle Treatment

Thanks to huge advancements in aesthetic medicine, there are now countless wrinkle treatments to choose from. From Botox injections and dermabrasion to chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing, today’s patients can opt for a wider range of treatments to achieve a smoother, more even complexion. One option to add to this ever-growing list is the Subnovii Plasma Pen.

The Subnovii Plasma Pen offers a range of rejuvenation benefits, just one of which is wrinkle reduction. With this cutting-edge device, we can diminish mild to moderate wrinkles anywhere on your face, neck and chest. The results are comparable to injectables but are longer-lasting and more natural-looking. 

There are countless other reasons our patients choose this treatment over others, and we’ll talk about the five biggest reasons here. But before we do, here is a quick primer on the Subnovii Plasma Pen. 

What Is the Subnovii Plasma Pen?

The Subnovii Plasma Pen is an FDA-approved skin rejuvenation treatment developed by Cartessa™. It is an advanced type of plasma fibroblast therapy, which is also known as plasma skin resurfacing.

Plasma skin resurfacing uses electric currents delivered through a plasma-producing pen to create micro-wounds in the skin. This encourages cells in the skin called fibroblasts to produce greater levels of collagen, resulting in smoother and tighter skin. Also called the fourth state of matter, the plasma used in this therapy is simply ionized gas. 

What sets the Subnovii Plasma Pen therapy apart from other plasma skin resurfacing treatments is its use of low-frequency energy (LF+ technology). Other similar therapies use high-energy currents. Subnovii is often offered as an alternative to surgery, laser and injections. 

5 Reasons to Choose Subnovii for Wrinkle Reduction

If you’re interested in getting a noninvasive treatment to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, you may want to consider the Subnovii Plasma Pen. This option comes with unique benefits not seen with laser, injections or surgery: 

Subnovii Is Safe

The Subnovii Plasma Pen is the market’s first FDA-approved handheld plasma device. That’s in part thanks to its use of low-frequency technology. The device is the product of six years of careful research, development and testing by industry-leading third parties. The result is a plasma device that is much safer than its predecessors. 

Plasma therapies are often used to treat delicate and hard-to-reach areas of the face, primarily due to their high precision. But since most of these therapies use high-frequency energy, there is always the risk of delivering too much heat or delivering the heat too deeply. This can create unpredictable results or cause inflammation, scarring and pigmentation problems. 

The Subnovii Plasma Pen eliminates this concern thanks to its gentle technology. When our licensed and trained providers use this device, we do so with your safety in mind first. 

Subnovii Is Noninvasive

Most wrinkle reduction treatments are invasive to some extent or involve some level of skin contact. The Subnovii device, on the other hand, does not come into contact with your skin. Instead, the plasma pen projects a stream of ionized gas to the skin from a distance. 

Patients worried about needles or contamination can rest assured that the Subnovii Pen is completely noninvasive. Many patients today prefer noninvasive or minimally invasive treatments due to the lower risk of infection and faster recovery times. 

Noninvasive treatments are also more suitable for a wider range of patients, including those with underlying health problems, allergies or sensitivities. The same holds true for this particular treatment when used to diminish wrinkles or for overall skin rejuvenation. 

It Can Treat Small or Hard-to-Reach Areas

This pen-like device is ideal where precision is essential. For example, it can help treat fine lines, wrinkles and sagging in the thin skin around the eyes. Or it can offer precise treatment in hard-to-reach areas, like crow’s feet or smoker’s lines. 

Many of our patients have specific cosmetic concerns that they haven’t found success treating with other methods. Others prefer to have a treatment that targets these specific areas instead of the whole face for quicker recovery. 

Either way, the Subnovii Plasma Pen is a suitable choice due to its unmatched precision and safety.

The Results Are Long-Lasting

If you’re looking for a wrinkle-reduction treatment with more staying power than either injections or mild peels, the Subnovii Plasma Pen may be it. Not only does this treatment lead to a 68% improvement in the skin’s appearance, but the results can last up to a year, if not longer. 

Right after initial redness and flaking subside, which happens in about a week post-treatment, you will notice some level of skin tightening. As fibroblast cells continue producing collagen in the months following this procedure, you will see even more skin tightening that will peak around weeks 12 to 16. This effect should last for at least a year. In comparison, Botox injections typically provide results for three to four months. 

Your Results Will Look Natural

While injectables, fillers and surgery can offer dramatic wrinkle reduction and/or skin rejuvenation, the results may not end up looking as natural as you would like. If you prefer natural-looking results with absolutely no effect on your facial movements, then this treatment may be the perfect option for you. 

Injectables work by either preventing muscle movement or filling in hollow areas. This may change your features in ways you feel are unflattering or too obvious. Surgery can lead to unpredictable outcomes depending on the surgeon’s skill and the patient’s healing process. 

Because the Subnovii Plasma Pen works by naturally boosting your skin’s collagen levels, the effects are more natural than with injectables or surgery. This treatment is ideal for patients who want to look like themselves, only younger.

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