Smoking Accelerates Skin Aging

Smoking has been long associated with wrinkles. This is recently confirmed by an observational study published in December 2007 issue of Archives of Dermatology which described a unique 52 years old twin sisters who spent not only their first 2 decades of life together but also in their later decades had the same type of job at the same latitude, resulting in well-matched levels of significant sun exposure. However, the twins differed markedly in regard to smoking history; the twin with an approximately 52.5–pack-year smoking history showed more severe skin aging than did the nonsmoking twin.

For additional information regarding smoking and the skin, please refer to the following interview of Dr. William Ting by Contra Costa Times: ‘Smell of Success? Odor of smoke now a bother’ by Laura Casey, Contra Costa Times on 11/19/2007; ‘Your body, your skin will love you for stopping’ by Laura Casey, on 11/19/2007.

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