Jawline and Neck Definition Using Kybella or Agnes

When it comes to having a beautiful side profile, more than just your nose matters. Having a double chin or an undefined jawline can make all the difference in the balance you’re trying to achieve. 

A double chin can be present on anyone, regardless of weight or size. Your genes are to blame for this, but being overweight and losing weight are major contributors to most. Reasons for a diminished chin can also be blamed on genetics, a jaw injury or surgery, dental issues and, believe it or not– sleeping with your mouth open every night. 

That’s why we’re among the first in Bay Area to offer a real solution. We have Kybella and Agnes treatments to reduce submental (chin) fat and create neck contouring. Let’s get into both of them to see which option might be the right choice for you.

What is Kybella?

Kybella is the only FDA-approved cosmetic injectable treatment to reduce small areas of excess fat in your double chin area. It dissolves fat cells, which liquefy and leave your body permanently. It’s a simple, noninvasive way to get the defined jawline and profile you’ve always wanted.

Why Choose Kybella?

Kybella injections can permanently redefine your chin area without incisions, surgery, anesthesia or scars in a few treatments that take only 15 – 30 minutes each.  

Treatment sessions are considered comfortable, although some patients prefer to have numbing medications administered before the Kybella injections. Downtime is minimal. 

What Happens During a Kybella Treatment?

Your appointment starts with the doctor measuring your treatment area and marking injection sites in a grid pattern. We’ll likely apply a topical numbing cream before your first injection.

Once you’re numb, Kybella injections are administered. One session typically calls for about 20 – 30, but this greatly depends on the volume of fat cells to be diminished and treatment area size. If you’re experiencing post-injection discomfort, ice may be applied to reduce soreness and prevent swelling. 

You are free to leave after this and carry on a typical day, although you may have a slight redness or swelling and may want to rest until they diminish. It’s recommended to space your treatments about one month apart, and we recommend even up to six weeks between each session.

When Will You See the Results of Kybella?

Typically, most patients need at least two treatments before Kybella results are visible. It may take up to six sessions for optimal results, but each patient is different, and we will share what you can expect during your consultation.  

You might notice a light skin tightening effect if you’re on the younger side with taut skin. Kybella injections are often combined with other treatments to enhance this result.

Is Kybella Permanent?

Kybella permanently eradicates fat cells in the treatment areas, which never return. But other remaining fat cells in your face and body will expand with weight gain and can create an unflattering look. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping your weight stable is the best way to enjoy long-term, permanent results. 

Unfortunately, you can develop loose skin under your chin (turkey neck) as you age. At that point, you may consider nonsurgical skin-tightening treatments or neck lift surgery to help reduce unsightly sagging. 

What’s Agnes?

Agnes is a device that uses both micro-insulated needles and radio-frequency (RF) energy to eliminate unwanted fat and loose skin on your face and neck. It’s a wonderful noninvasive choice to improve the look of a double chin or sagging neck and create a younger, radiant and more sculpted face. 

Originally developed as a permanent solution to active acne, Agnes is also ideal for nonsurgical face and neck contouring. It’s minimally invasive, safe, works on all skin tones and requires little downtime. It’s one of the best options for nonsurgical neck lifting and tightening. 

At California Dermatology Care, we offer Agnes treatments to help patients enjoy lifted and radiant skin. 

Why Choose Agnes RF Skin Tightening?

Agnes RF is a genuinely innovative, nonsurgical device that allows your doctor to safely sculpt and contour your jawline, jowls or double chin without invasive procedures. It’s a highly advanced rejuvenation option if you’re looking to restore your facial structure.  

Using precise and controlled radiofrequency energy waves, Agnes targets the deeper skin layers by warming without harming the epidermal layer, stimulating collagen production.

Microneedling with Agnes radiofrequency gives dramatic results for all ages and skin types, lifting and tightening loose skin while smoothing tone and texture.

What Happens During an Agnes Procedure?

We gently clean your skin and apply a numbing cream to prevent discomfort during treatment. Since Agnes works in the deeper levels of your skin, treatment areas may be numbed with anesthetic, particularly for the sensitive chin area.

Next, we apply the tiny Agnes micro-needle device to your chin and jaw areas which immediately encourages your skin to tighten. The Agnes micro-needle is insulated, which protects the surface of your skin and surrounding tissue for precise, targeted results. Agnes’ RF energy contours your face and tightens your skin using adaptable technology tailored to your needs.

Most treatments take anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes. After your session, you can return to the rest of your day as if nothing happened.

When Will You See The Results Of Agnes? 

You may start noticing the results of Agnes right away. Your areas of treatment will continue to improve up to six months after your session as collagen and elastin continue to regenerate. You gain both immediate and long-term benefits that appear to turn the clock back as time continues. 

How Long Does Agnes RF Last?

While Agnes isn’t a permanent sculpting solution, it’s a safe and effective option that doesn’t require downtime, so it’s easy to repeat when you notice a need to rejuvenate your skin again.

Are You Ready to Show Off a More Defined Jawline?

At California Dermatology Care, our skincare experts customize each procedure by adjusting the scope of each session and the precise placement for either Kybella or Agnes treatments. This way, we can dramatically reduce a double chin, sculpt a new profile, tighten your skin and restore facial definition. 

Dr. William Ting is a board-certified dermatologist and the medical director of California Dermatology Care, where w offer the best cosmetic options to our patients in San Ramon, Hercules, Livermore and the surrounding areas of the East Bay. We are thrilled to provide both Kybella and Agnes at our clinics in Northern California.  

To get started with your personalized consultation, text California Dermatology Care at 925-328-0255 or schedule an appointment online.