Sun Damage

PDT helps to slough off sun damaged skin via a photochemical reaction between aminolevulinic acid (ALA) and a blue light source. Think of PDT as a smart bombing where the precancerous lesions will get highlighted by inflammatory reactions consisting of red scaly patchy rash and subsequently sloughed off. Dr. Ting has treated more than 2000 patients with PDT for actinic keratoses and other indications for the past couple years. Based on his experience, he will prescribe a precise sets of incubation time (duration of ALA application) and exposure time(duration of blue light exposure) to balance the need for clinical efficacy and tolerability. This procedure is typically covered by insurance carriers including Medicare with PPO supplemental insurance, for the treatment of actinic keratoses, but not all commercial PPO plans will cover this procedure.


Dr. Ting has treated more than few hundred acne patients and indications other than actinic keratoses for the past couple years. PDT has become a great alternative for patients who wants to augment their conventional therapies of oral antibiotics and topical medicated creams and to avoid Accutane. PDT is typically not covered by insurance carrier for the treatment of acne.

PDT works through photochemical reaction between Levulan (naturally-occurring break down compound of red blood cell) and a blue light source (410-420nm wavelength) or Metvyxia and red light source (600-700nm) which

  • Eradicates p. acnes bacteria which are responsible for triggering inflammation around hair follicles
  • Reduces activities of the oil glands thereby minimizing oily complexion.

Dr. Ting has the experience to precisely prescribe the appropriate mix of incubation time (duration of Levulan application on face) and exposure time (duration of a blue/red light source exposure) to maximize the clinical results and minimize discomfort.

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