It isn’t easy to come to terms with dry and damaged hair. Without volume, your hair is flat and lifeless, and can make it look like you just rolled out of bed no matter how many hours you spend styling it. Though it’s your hair that suffers, it’s not your hair that deserves the blame — your scalp is the real culprit behind that dry and thin look that doesn’t seem to go away.

Poor scalp health is the most common cause of hair that’s limp and lacking volume. An unhealthy scalp can develop for several reasons, including dry skin, clogged hair follicles, dead skin cells and a lack of circulation. Fortunately, there’s a new treatment that can give you thicker, fuller, healthier-looking hair in three powerful steps: HydraFacial Keravive. California Dermatology Care is proud to be among the first practices in the Bay Area to carry this innovative solution for the hair and scalp.

What Is HydraFacial Keravive?

HydraFacial Keravive is a new and unique treatment designed to cleanse, stimulate, nourish and hydrate the scalp. The procedure is essentially a “facial” for your hair that combines the patented Vortex technology that made the original Hydrafacial so popular with a new Keravive Peptide Complex. Keravive’s restorative scalp health effects can be enjoyed alone or as complement to treatments for hair loss.

A Keravive treatment begins with the application of the Vortex technology. While you relax comfortably against a towel, your scalp will be gently massaged with a HydraFacial tip. The

Vortex technology extracts dirt, oil and other impurities from the hair follicles and the surface of the scalp, while simultaneously promoting blood circulation. This step prepares your scalp for the application of the Keravive Peptide Complex.

The Keravive Peptide Complex is a proprietary blend of growth factors, peptides and skin proteins that are understood to be lacking in people with thinning or damaged hair, including epidermal growth factor (EGF), basic fibroblast growth factor (BFGF), vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and Thymosin Beta-4. The Keravive Peptide Complex also contains panthenol, which is a vitamin B5 derivative that encourages moisturizing, and arginine, which builds keratin and skin collagen properties. This potent serum is 200 times more concentrated than any other hair treatment on the market today.

After the Keravive serum is applied to your scalp and hair follicles for infusion, the in-office treatment ends with a relaxing scalp massage. You will receive a take-home product that is to be used once a day to enhance the treatment. The Hydrafacial Keravive Peptide Complex Spray contains a less concentrated form of the blend applied to the scalp during the actual treatment. As you continuously use the spray in-between visits, it will encourage scalp stimulation and prevent the onset of flakes and skin dryness.

Who Makes a Good Candidate for HydraFacial Keravive?

Whether you have an oily or dry scalp, this can lead to a number of problems with your hair. Though people typically think it is biological in origin, this isn’t necessarily the case. Thinning hair is believed to affect more than 30 percent of the global population. The majority of those affected are men, but it’s almost equally as common for women. While biology does play a role for many individuals, the environmental conditions a scalp is exposed to — such as a build-up of styling products over the years — can also be a contributing factor.

The HydraFacial Keravive treatment is performed in-office and consists of a recommended one visit per month for three consecutive months. Completing this suggested course of treatment is recommended to attain optimal results and so your progress can be observed. In addition to the in-office treatment, you will be required to use a take-home spray in-between visits. Candidates for HydraFacial Keravive should be prepared to devote the time necessary to restore their scalp to a naturally healthy status. Depending on your specific concerns and desired outcome, you can continue with monthly treatments for upkeep or choose to do less frequent maintenance treatments once every six months.

Like the Hydrafacial treatments for skin rejuvenation, Keravive is designed to work for almost anyone who wants to improve their scalp health and enjoy fuller-looking hair. The treatment is gentle, noninvasive and involves zero downtime — some even say it’s very relaxing. HydraFacial Keravive can be an excellent option for those who don’t want to have injectable hair restoration procedures performed because of an aversion to needles. If your hair loss is thought to be for hormonal reasons, Keravive may not be the most effective treatment for your needs. We will discuss the options available to you when you visit our office for your consultation.

Are You Ready For HydraFacial Keravive?

California Dermatology Care is excited to announce that we are carrying HydraFacial Keravive. We are among the first to offer this service in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is our goal to provide the most up-to-date treatments and services available. We believe HydraFacial Keravive falls in line with this goal. It is a cutting-edge hair treatment that can produce long-lasting results without the use of oral medications. It’s new, it’s unique and we are excited about its potential to help clients achieve their thickest, fullest and healthiest hair yet.

Dry scalp and thinning hair don’t have to be permanent. We encourage you to look into the HydraFacial Keravive treatment if you find other scalp-stimulating products haven’t been working or if you are not interested in more aggressive hair restoration procedures. Whether your hair is suffering due to natural causes or environmental factors, HydraFacial Keravive can reverse the damage and promote a healthier scalp.

If you have questions associated with this therapy or any of the other hair restoration treatments available at California Dermatology Care, feel free to call text us at (925) 328-0255 or contact us here! We look forward to helping you take the next steps toward a healthier scalp and more beautiful hair.