If you’re looking to rejuvenate dull, uneven and problematic skin without harsh chemicals or invasive treatments, The SaltFacial® is for you. This breakthrough 3-step facial harnesses the power of sea salt, ultrasound technology and LED light to resurface, replenish and revitalize your skin.

How The SaltFacial Works

After just one 45-minute session, most patients see a dramatic improvement in tone, texture, scars, fine lines and pores. The SaltFacial leaves skin looking fresh, healthy and radiant with no downtime required.
Here’s why it works:

STEP 1: Restore with Sea Salt Resurfacing

We use pure, therapeutic-grade sea salt crystals that gently slough off dead skin cells while drawing moisture into the skin. The salt’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties detoxify pores as well.

  • Dead Sea salt contains 27 essential macro- and micro-nutrients like magnesium, calcium and potassium that skin cells need.
  • The salt also has a negative electromagnetic charge that binds to the positive charge of dirt, oils and other impurities – lifting them away from the skin.
  • Salt is hydrophilic, attracting water molecules from the air and pulling moisture into thirsty skin cells.
  • Exfoliating with these finely ground yet stable salt crystals removes the outer layer of dead cells to reveal fresh new skin.

STEP 2: Replenish with Ultrasound Technology

Next, aesthetic ultrasound is used to nourish skin tissues, promote circulation and maximize absorption of any serums or masks applied afterward. Ultrasound allows nutrients to permeate the skin better.

  • Aesthetic ultrasound uses sound waves to gently vibrate and stimulate skin tissues without causing heat or damage
  • These vibrations increase blood vessel dilation and blood flood flow to enhance nutrient absorption into the skin
  • Ultrasound also creates temporary microscopic pores that allow serums and treatments to penetrate 50-100% deeper
  • Overall nutrition delivery to the dermis and epidermis is vastly improved to revive skin

STEP 3: Rejuvenate with LED Light Therapy

Specialized LED lights emit wavelengths that stimulate collagen production and accelerate healing and cell turnover for an overall brighter, smoother complexion.

  • Red light wavelengths energize cells’ mitochondria to ramp up collagen production
  • It also reduces inflammation that contributes to signs of aging
  • Near-infrared light activates the cells’ healing processes and cellular repair
  • LED therapy increases ATP energy available to drive faster tissue regeneration
  • Combined, LED red light and infrared light undo the damage and restore youthful functioning

Why Choose The SaltFacial?

The SaltFacial is revolutionizing professional skin care with its natural yet highly effective approach. Here are some key benefits you’ll enjoy:

Completely Natural & Safe Year-Round

  • Uses therapeutic-grade Dead Sea salt crystals that are entirely natural and free of chemicals, preservatives or additives
  • Gentle enough for sensitive skin yet effective enough for most skin conditions
  • Can be performed safely 12 months a year, unlike chemical peels

Suitable for All Skin Types I-VI

  • The sea salt solution is pH-balanced and non-abrasive, making it ideal for all skin types on the Fitzpatrick scale
  • Positive pressure technology allows salt crystals to be dispersed evenly, preventing irritation
  • Ultrasound and LED are also adjustable for each patient’s needs and comfort

Improves Acne, Scars, Sun Damage and More

  • Deeply cleanses clogged pores and absorbs excess oils to clear acne
  • Lightens and softens the appearance of acne scarring
  • Reduces fine lines, wrinkles and photoaging from UV exposure
  • Minimizes dark spots and melasma

FDA-Cleared Technology

  • The proprietary SaltFacial device is an FDA-cleared Class II medical device
  • This means lengthy clinical studies were conducted to demonstrate its safety and efficacy in skin renewal therapy

No Harsh Chemical Peels Needed

  • Uses natural sea salt exfoliation instead of harsh chemical solutions to peel away dead skin cells
  • There is a much lower risk of post-treatment stinging, redness or irritation
  • More tolerable for those with sensitive skin

No Downtime or Recovery

  • Most patients resume regular activities immediately with no downtime
  • No painful peeling, flaking or heavy moisturizing is required afterwards
  • Much quicker recovery than laser treatments and plastic surgery procedures

An Ideal SaltFacial Client

The SaltFacial is revolutionizing professional skincare because it is safe and effective for all patients – regardless of gender, skin type, skin tone or area being treated. Both women and men alike can benefit from remarkable improvements to skin’s overall appearance and health from head to toe.

  • Pure Dead Sea salt granules gently yet thoroughly remove dull surface skin cells without inflammation or irritation, even on sensitive skin (Types I-III)
  • Ultrasound technology allows deep transmission of customized serums and antioxidant solutions across epidermal barriers to nourish the skin — receiving amplified benefits from these targeted treatments.
  • LED red and near-infrared lights are calibrated and delivered using clinically studied protocols for ideal collagen regeneration and tissue repair for each unique patient
  • Positive pressure-controlled sea salt flow and low-heat LED make treatment very comfortable, making The SaltFacial a soothing self-care experience.

Start Your Journey to Radiant, Youthful Skin

The results speak for themselves – more youthful radiance, smaller-looking pores, reduced blemishes and scars and glowing skin ready for your “best face forward.” The benefits only continue in the weeks after your SaltFacial session as new healthy skin cells rise to the surface.

Don’t wait to uncover your best complexion yet. As a board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Ting will customize and enhance your SaltFacial treatment for maximum, long-lasting results.

Call or text us at (925) 328-0255 or click here to schedule a free consultation. Renew your complexion and confidence with The SaltFacial – created by nature, perfected by science and artfully applied by the experts at California Dermatology Care.


When will I see the results?

In just one relaxing session, The SaltFacial can:
– Smooth away fine lines and wrinkles
– Fade and prevent dark spots and melasma
– Minimize enlarged pores
– Brighten dull, uneven tone
– Reduce inflammatory acne and breakouts
– Soften the look of old acne scars
– Lessen visible signs of sun damage

How long do results last?

SaltFacial results can last 6-12 months with occasional maintenance treatments. To sustain glowing skin, we recommend repeat sessions every three months.

Does it hurt?

Most patients find the treatment comfortable and relaxing. You may experience mild tingling or heat sensations at times. Your skin may also be slightly red afterward, but this subsides within a few hours.

Can anyone get a SaltFacial?

The SaltFacial delivers dramatic yet gentle real results for ALL skin types and concerns regardless of gender, ethnicity or age.