I have so many things I can share regarding how happy I am with the caring and knowledgeable staff. The vaginal rejuvenation has been awesome!! I have had 2 treatments and plan on 1 more.

I am also really excited about the overall skin care recommendations including creams, serum, etc. to treat Melasma. It has taken some time and I can honestly say the Melasma is fading and my natural attractiveness and confidence are back.

Finally Dr.Ting and his team, including PA Ahn, have an overall approach to youthful healthy skin that includes a variety of options, not just one. And this is just what I needed to see the positive outcomes I was looking for!

Hanna L.

“The office staff is very attentive. When it comes to talking about my health, I don’t know where to start. They were very sensitive to my needs and asked all the right questions.

I couldn’t be more satisfied with my first visit. I highly recommend this office to a friend.”

Julie K.

“I came in to have a microdermabrasion and have Dr. Ting checked out the uneven skin tone on my face. The wait was pretty average comparing to all the hospitals/clinics I’ve been to – about 15-25 minutes in between rooms. The microdermabrasion session was relaxing, and I was really surprised that my face stays so smooth for a couple days after. The physician assistant was really patient and efficient, and Dr. Ting immediately knows what was the cause of the uneven skin tone on my face. He told me what to do to prevent that from happening again, gave me a sample cream to treat the current problem, and also gave me suggestions on the procedures that they have to help my skin. Overall it was a very helpful and pleasant experience to let me know my options and help me understand what to do in the future.”

Chris P.

“I come here regularly to see Dr. Freeny for my eczema and other skin conditions. I can’t say anything about Dr. Ting but Dr. Freeny truly is amazing. She’s friendly and knowledgeable and explains things very clearly. One thing I feel that truly makes her stand out is she keeps up with current findings and really tries to help out her patients. I stopped coming by for a while and when I came back she had new treatments for me to try, since the old ones were no longer sufficiently treating my issues.
As far as products go, the ones I use regularly do work! I use the glycolic acid lotion and I definitely see my legs are much smoother and no more dots!
Yes the products are expensive, but from my experience they work and last a long time. I’d rather pay more for something that works than waste money trying a bunch of gimmicks.”

Steve T.

“Just had my annual Dermatology check up by Casey Cano and her assistant. They were very helpful and did a great job looking for any skin issues I might have. They even removed a few age spots from my face and they were good at doing that with nitrogen. Definitely coming back next year and liked this place for my check ups.”

Caroline R.

“My first new patient visit went smoothly. The whole office and examination room was neat and clean. I would say the staff was very friendly. The staff was very thorough in asking and addressing all of my concerns. Her and the assistant were very welcoming as well. Highly recommend !”

Linzi L.

“Dr. Ting is an amazing Doctor, but more importantly, he is a really good human. We all have our own experiences, and for each of us, they are not to be debated…they are real. I have noticed in reading the reviews…when someone posts their concern or distress about this Practice, they DO get a response from Dr. Ting, and they DO get a result.
It is easy for all of us to “notice” that the problem happened…and “decide” that his response is to “save the business…”, but I believe we are getting this very wrong. I have been a patient of Dr. Ting’s consistently (for TONS of his offerings, elective, and necessity) for 6+ years. I have a very high standard for medical care; I set that standard after experiencing some terrible doctors. We may not like “the wait” for our appointment, but this is not a sign of disrespect. This man is a doctor with a business that is growing at the speed of light. This growth keeps happening because Dr. Ting is keeping UP with this outrageous industry that offers us the chance to feel, look, and be YOUNG AND ALIVE! Cosmetically and Medically…it all matters. There is never a time where this DOCTOR knows EVERYTHING….he has to learn the NEWEST thing EVERY DAY…again. Because of this continuous growth, the doctor then is tasked with hiring HIGH CALIBER staff to maintain the standard of care that he wants his patients to get. Recruiting is yet another a FULL TIME JOB. Simultaneously –
WE ALL WANT TO BE FIT IN ASAP. WE ALSO EXPECT DR. TING to KEEP UP HIS MEDICAL INTELLECT…which thankfully, HE DOES. But it is WE, the clients & patients…who cannot settle for mediocrity (and we shouldn’t)…it is the consistent DEMAND that keeps this practice in this state of growth. Look on YELP to see if other doctors respond to the negative feedback…and see if they “take actions to
course- correct”….they do not.
TODAY — I “urgently” took someone who I love dearly, to Dr. Ting, for an issue I did not even think he treated. I just needed his advice. Watching a loved one suffer is worse than anything that could happen to me. Dr. Ting fit us in to his crazy-busy day. Turns out, Dr. Ting WAS able to treat this issue, but his extensive knowledge on this random issue, blew us both away. Dr. Ting named the diagnosis, the plan, the action, and THE POSITIVE EXPECTATION we could look forward to! I watched my loved one… shift from a depressive FOG to this amazing AWAKENING! I thought, I want to shout this off a mountain top! Then I thought, NEXT BEST THING IS YELP! I trust Dr. Ting and I respect him. When I was reading reviews and his responses, I thought …he always writes back because he wants to make things right. That is what was/is so clear to me. Because the thing is: He is busy either way. He is making his own day longer when he is writing back to reviews on YELP – trying to make things right…but he will always be the Dr. who cares if he gets it right. So while I certainly might be annoyed with particulars on a given appointment…I will ALWAYS choose (& bring my loved ones to) the Dr. who CARES if he gets it RIGHT! I am grateful for Dr. Ting!”