Laser Technology and Clinical Therapy For Melasma and Pigmentation

We are the Center of Excellence for treating Melasma and Pigmentary disorders for patients all over Northern California and beyond. We are proud to offer the best and latest laser technology and clinical therapy for melasma and pigmentation that are appropriate for all skin types yielding great results. We are the only Dermatology clinic in the Bay Area to offer the following top of the line medical laser therapy for pigmentation:

– Pico-Genesis Laser Cutera (revolutionary, next-generation pico Nd:Yag 1064nm and 532nm laser, becoming the new gold standard)

– Spectra Laser by Lutronics (q-switched Nd:Yag laser)

– GenesisPlus Laser by Cutera (Nd:Yag laser, most versatile and conservative)

– Picosure Laser by Cynosure (Alexandrite laser energy delivered in trillionth of a second, most powerful)

– Clear + Brilliant Laser by Solta (fractional infrared 1440nm diode laser, exfoliate safely for all skin types)

– LumaBright Peel, our proprietary enhanced vitamin A Melanage peel (highest patient satisfaction with one week of downtime)

Dr. William Ting and the clinical team at California Dermatology Care have the expertise and particular interest in treating disrder of pigmentation such as melisma, acne-related and/or post-inflammatory pigmentation. Strict daily sun protection using zinc or titanium based SPF 45 and above sunscreen, reapplication of sunscreen between 10am and 4pm when outdoors, wearing hat and sunglasses and gentle cleansing must be part of a comprehensive therapy. Individual consultation with Dr. Ting and/or California Dermatology Care clinical team is required where he may recommend a combination of antioxidant cleanser and/or vitamin C skin care products in the morning followed by sunscreen application; and in the evening, alternating bleaching cream and/or prescription-strength topical retinoid. Discontinuation of birth control pill and estrogen replacement is strongly recommended as any introduction of exogenous estrogen will make pigmentation worse. Avoidance of specific diet groups such as alcohol, beans and soy is encouraged as excess consumption of these in the diet may lead to excess endogenous production of estrogen by the liver. Dr. Ting specifically advises against the use of IPL or Fraxcel for treatment of melasma, particularly for ethnic skin as the risk of worsening pigmentation is subtantial. While microdermabrasion is helpful, it should be done in a medical setting under supervision of board-certified dermatologist.

LumaBright Peel (enhanced vitamin A Melanage peel) for Melasma and Pigmentation

Introducing LumaBright Peel, our proprietary vitamin A based chemical peel that has achieved highest patient satisfaction in our clinic, safe for all skin types. LumaBright peel is an enhanced Melanage peel which involves meticulous and expert application by our aestheticians followed by a ‘white mask’ as well as a 4 weeks preset skin care routine. We typically expect significant clinical improvement of melasma and pigmentation with just one LumaBright peel in 4 to 6 weeks, which can lead to great results. There is at least one week of expected redness, scaling, and mild itching. Because of its safety and efficacy even in the darkest skin type, LumaBright peel is different than traditional peels as the risk of post-treatment hyperpigmentation is minimal. While conservative superficial chemical peels involving salicylic acid and/or 30% or less glycolic acid can be helpful for melasma, the benefit can be very incremental, subtle and require numerous monthly treatments. Dr. Ting no longer recommends medium depth chemical peels such as 70% glycolic acid, Jessner’s peel, or TCA peels of any strength due to nontrivial risk of hyperpigmentation. In short, patients who can afford a week of social downtime and are looking for significant reduction of melasma or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation in the shortest amount of time possible, LumaBright peel may be the best choice to consider.

SPECTRA LASER by Lutronic for Melasma, Pigment

We are proud to offer FIVE laser technology that can make a difference in reducing pigment and melasma with minimal downtime and comfort. Spectra Laser is a q-switched Nd:Yag Laser, known for its versatility, reliability, and safety in treating melasma and post-inflammatory pigmentation. As the first medical clinic in Northern California to introduce Spectra laser, we have the most amount of experience in performing Spectra laser for melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. A typical pigmentation treatment protocol for the face can involve 10 weekly treatments of Spectra Peel using Spectra carbon lotion where 20-70 microns of epidermis gets ablated gently alternating with Laser Toning upon subsequent weekly sessions.
Spectra Brochure on Melasma and pigmentation

GenesisPlus by Cutera for Melasma and Pigmentation

GenesisPlus Laser gently delivers Nd:Yag 1064nm energy with comfort and zero downtime. This is a relatively conservative laser therapy for melasma and pigmentary disorders that is safe for all skin types. GenesisPlus laser is also the most versatile laser as it has been shown to be helpful in improving skin texture, minimizing acne scarring by remodeling scar tissues, smoothing out fine lines, reduce both pigment and redness, and shrink pores.

Picosure Laser by Cynosure for Melasma and Pigmentation

Picosure laser offers arguably the most exciting laser technology in recent years by delivering Alexandrite 755nm energy in picoseconds (trillionth of a second). In so doing, Picosure laser may be the most powerful laser for pigmentation as a lot more energy can be delivered in very short time interval where minimal collateral skin damage may occur. Dr. Ting and the California Dermatology Care team has performed Picosure laser for numerous ethnic skin patients including Asian-Americans and Hispanic Americans.

Clear + Brilliant Permea Laser by Solta for Melasma and Pigmentation

Clear and Brilliant Laser Permea delivers nonablative fractional infrared Diode laser energy that not only gently resurfaces but also allows fantastic penetration of adjunctive skin brightening preparation such as topical vitamin C/E/ferrulic acid serum. This laser offers yet another innovative modality that is safe for all skin types including dark skin of persons of color. Besides achieving clearer skin tone, Clear and Brilliant Laser Permia also brings out concurrent reduction of pore size and fine lines. Expect to have gentle exfoliation for few days that can be easily covered up with makeup.