10 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About EMSCULPT

Are you ready to look the way you feel — vibrant, energetic, toned and fit? Stubborn fat around the abs, flanks and buttocks can put a damper on your look no matter how much time and effort you put into your workouts or diet. Finally, there is an answer to this problem that is safe, effective and fast. The solution is EMSCULPT, a game-changing new approach to body contouring that you can now enjoy at California Dermatology Care by Dr. William Ting.

How EMSCULPT Works and How It Gives You Great Results

Few treatments offer you the best of both worlds — a high level of safety and visible body improvements. EMSCULPT gives you both! Here’s what makes EMSCULPT an effective treatment that you can have without worry.

First of all, EMSCULPT uses high-intensity magnetic energy (HIFEM) to reduce unwanted fat. When this magnetic energy is focused on muscles in your concern areas, it induces thousands of supramaximal contractions. The result of treatment is the equivalent of doing 20,000 sit-ups on your own. Magnetic energy has no harmful effects on the body and can help you build muscle — and burn fat so you can achieve your ideal look. Your EMSCULPT benefits include:

  • A 16% Average Increase in Muscle Mass
  • A 19% Average Fat Reduction
  • A 96% Average Patient Satisfaction

EMSCULPT gives you all the advantages of a tough gym workout but with all of the convenience of the latest technology, in a treatment that has very little risk. These reasons make it clear why EMSCULPT is one of the most popular and sought after body sculpting treatments today.

Here are Nine More Crucial Facts That Illustrate Why You Should Have EMSCULPT

1. EMSCULPT burns fat — and builds muscle!

This one is obvious. EMSCULPT is essentially a core workout in a quick and comfortable cosmetic procedure. The muscle contractions produced by EMSCULPT strengthen muscles and actually make you stronger.

2. EMSCULPT works on many body areas!

EMSCULPT is not just for the abs; you can have it on the thighs and buttocks, too, making it a superb treatment for comprehensive and long-lasting results.

3. You’ll have your EMSCULPT results fast!

In just three to four weeks, you can have your new look. EMSCULPT works that fast. After your EMSCULPT treatment, your body will immediately begin eliminating dead fat cells, slimming and toning you every day.

4. EMSCULPT is painless!

EMSCULPT feels like a workout because it is one. As HIFEM magnetic waves stimulate your muscles, you’ll feel them contracting and contributing to your results — no surgery or invasive procedure required. You’ll feel EMSCULPT working but will have no pain.

5. An EMSCULPT treatment is quick!

You can have a full EMSCULPT treatment in just 30 minutes, making it not only a very effective treatment but also one that fits easily into the busiest schedules. EMSCULPT is a true “lunchtime treatment.’

6. An EMSCULPT treatment has no side effects!

EMSCULPT treats the culprit behind your body concern areas, your fat cells, and leaves adjacent cells unharmed — with no side effects — so you can enjoy your toned look with no inconvenience.

7. EMSCULPT is a safe treatment

EMSCULPT uses magnetic energy to achieve client results. This technology has very little risk, especially when you have your treatment performed by an experienced cosmetic physician like Dr. William Ting.

8. You don’t need to prepare for EMSCULPT

You won’t need to fast, change your diet or, for that matter, do anything prior to your appointment date. Simply arrive as you are and get ready for a completely transformed new look.

9. EMSCULPT has no downtime!

You can leave your doctor’s office with no restrictions on your activities after your EMSCULPT treatment. If you’re looking for convenience in a body sculpting treatment, few treatments compare.

10. Your EMSCULPT results are permanent.

So there’s one more reason to have EMSCULPT. Your EMSCULPT body contouring results are permanent; your body will not replace treated fat cells. While you won’t regain fat in treated areas, continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so you don’t regain fat elsewhere.

You deserve an award-winning solution — EMSCULPT is it! We’ve told you how great and effective an EMSCULPT treatment is, but you don’t have to take our word for it. EMSCULPT has won numerous awards recognizing the results and value it offers individuals seeking only the best body contouring solution available. Here are just some of the accolades EMSCULPT has enjoyed in recent months:

  • Realself Most Worth It Procedure (2019)
  • Harpers Bazaar Anti-Aging Award Winner for Best Body Firming Treatment (2019)
  • New Beauty Product Innovation Award for Body Sculpting (2019)

Find out for yourself what has the cosmetic community buzzing and raving about. EMSCULPT delivers a safe, sound and effective way to get patients their body sculpting results. Of course, having your procedure performed by a qualified and experienced physician like Dr. Ting can enhance your results even further.

Trust Dr. Ting for all your body and skincare needs!

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