What Is Hyperpigmentation and How Can You Treat It?

Dark patches of skin — known as hyperpigmentation — are one of the most common dermatologic complaints we see in our practice. While usually harmless and rarely a sign of an underlying medical condition, hyperpigmentation can and does impact self-esteem. This is especially true when intimate areas such as the labia, perianal region and areola are affected. 

If you are concerned with intimate area hyperpigmentation, we can help you regain confidence with a gentle and non-invasive solution called the Pink Intimate System. 


Hyperpigmentation is simply darkened skin. It isn’t a specific medical condition per se, but the term may be used to refer to a wide range of skin conditions as well as normal skin darkening.

Hyperpigmentation usually appears as dark brown, gray, red or pink patches that are darker than the surrounding skin, leading to an uneven appearance. Darkened skin can appear anywhere on the body, but is especially common around intimate areas such as the genitals, anus and nipples. And while anyone can develop hyperpigmentation, it is most prominent in medium and dark skin (Fitzpatrick skin types III to VI). 

Genetic, environmental and other factors that increase melanin production are behind most causes of hyperpigmentation. Melanin refers to pigments produced by specialized cells found in the skin called melanocytes. Under certain circumstances, these cells may produce too much melanin or cause melanin to clump together and make the affected area appear dark.


Before puberty, skin tends to be the same hue everywhere on the body. But after puberty, it is completely normal for skin in the genital, perianal and around the nipples to darken. If you have naturally darker skin, these areas may develop a medium to dark brown hue, while someone with fair skin may have only a subtle difference in shade.

The main reason hyperpigmentation affects these areas has to do with the impact of sex hormones on melanocytes. Melanocytes are sensitive to sex hormones. Studies have found, for example, that estrogen increases melanin production, and progesterone decreases it. Exposure to these hormones and their shifts with pregnancy, age and menopause are the main reasons why your labia, perianal region, nipples and areola darken. 

Other areas of the body can be impacted by shifts in hormones as well. During pregnancy, for example, many women develop a dark, vertical line on their belly called linea nigra as well as patches of pigmentation on the face called melasma (aka the “mask of pregnancy”). 

However, there are also less benign reasons for dark patches of skin. Acanthosis nigricans are dark patches that develop around skin folds such as the groin and underarm area. These are often associated with metabolic conditions like insulin resistance or type II diabetes.


If you are unhappy with the appearance of your skin in intimate areas but don’t want to use harsh skin whitening treatments, you may want to consider the Pink Intimate System offered at California Dermatology Care.

The Pink Intimate System is an alternative to skin bleaching developed by Promoitalia, a medical and aesthetic cosmetics company.

The product gently exfoliates, whitens and brightens the skin without causing irritation or requiring downtime. As a bonus, it also firms up the skin, which is why it is also often described as a “vaginal rejuvenation solution.” 

Containing clinical-grade ingredients, the product is not intended for home use but needs to be applied by a trained and experienced clinician. Getting this treatment from a specialist increases its effectiveness. At California Dermatology Care, we also combine this treatment with tranexamic acid and glutathione to boost potency. 

For best results, we recommend completing four to six sessions. Each session lasts about 30 minutes, is completely pain-free and requires no downtime. You can have multiple areas treated at once. 


The Pink Intimate System is a topical formulation containing mild skin-lightening ingredients. Its active ingredients include mostly powerful antioxidants but also acids that are proven to offer significant skin brightening. The product also contains ingredients that enhance its potency and those that offer skin conditioning. 

  • Chloroacetic acid – an acid used in chemical peels for skin resurfacing
  • Kojic Acid – an antioxidant extracted from fungus and grains
  • Glutathione – a potent antioxidant with skin-brightening properties
  • Retinol – a type of vitamin A known to boost collagen production
  • Modulated chloretic acid – added for better absorbency of other ingredients
  • Bisabolol – extracted from chamomile and used to calm and soothe skin
  • Vitamin B12 – an essential nutrient for skin cell turnover and hydration
  • Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract – an anti-inflammatory, natural compound

The combination of these powerful active ingredients helps remove old skin cells and excess melanin while increasing collagen production and cell turnover. Kojic acid, in particular, decreases melanin levels by inhibiting the production of an enzyme called tyrosine involved in melanin synthesis. 


The Pink Intimate System is designed to offer gentle skin brightening to some of the most delicate areas on the body that are prone to hyperpigmentation. At our practice, we use this formulation mainly for the following areas:

  • Inguinal region – the bikini line or crotch area
  • Labia majora – outer folds that surround the opening of the vagina
  • Mons pubis – the mound making up the pubic area
  • Perianal region – the area around the anus
  • Areola – the “circles” around the nipples
  • Underarm
  • Inner thighs


Are you concerned about hyperpigmentation in your intimate areas? Do you want to avoid laser resurfacing and other harsher options? Contact our qualified and experienced dermatology team at California Dermatology Care. We will evaluate the underlying causes of your hyperpigmentation and offer treatment options that will ensure you get the best results. 

At California Dermatology Care, Dr. Ting and our providers are here to help you feel confident in your skin from head to toe. To schedule your personalized consultation, call or text us at 925-328-0255 today!