While SmartLipo tumescent liposuction remains the gold standard that offers immediate and gratifying reduction of unwanted localized fat deposits, SonixLipoTM Body Sculpting program combining Liposonix and Vaser Shape (MedContour) non-invasive transdermal ultrasound technology can achieve significant body sculpting without surgery. Best candidates are those who are dedicated to stay active and maintain well-balanced diet.

The SonixLipoTM Body LipoSculpting Program is directed by Dr. William Ting, an experienced board-certified dermatologist with UC Berkeley Electrical Engineering training, optimizing the art and medicine of non-invasive transdermal fat removal and liposculpturing.

Introducing Vaser Shape (MedContour) MC1, revolutionary FDA-approved medical device, based on non-invasive low frequency ultrasound cavitation technology. Vaser Shape treatment is performed by caring nursing staff under the supervision of Dr. Ting who was expertly trained at the General Project/Med Contour headquarter at Florence, Italy.

– Removes Localized Fat Deposits and Cellulite.

– On average, one inch reduction in circumference may be seen immediately after the first session

– Painless deep heat massage sensation

– Five weekly procedures

– Immediate results can be seen right after the treatment