Dr. William Ting, Board-Certified Dermatologist
at California Dermatology Care
2262 Camino Ramon, San Ramon, CA 94583
500 Alfred Nobel Drive, Suite #185, Hercules, CA 94547
Tel: 925-328-0255
Email: staff@CalDermCare.com
Prescription concerns: medical.assistant@CalDermCare.com

Advanced Care with a Personal Touch




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Acne and Acne Scar

Excimer Laser for Psoriasis & Vitiligo

Keloid & Hypertrophic Scar Laser Therapy

Mohs Surgery for Skin Cancers

Nail Fungus GenesisPlus Laser Therapy

Photodynamic Therapy

Psoriasis & NBUVB Phototherapy

Radiotherapy Nonsurgical SRT for Skin Cancer and Keloid 

Skin Allergy Patch Test

Sweating Disorder MiraDry for Hyperhidrosis

Wart Laser Therapy

Women's Wellness Center


Aesthetician Services

Botox, Dysport & Xeomin

Cellfina Cellulite Therapy

CoolSculpting (dual-Sculpt and CoolAdvantage available)

Facial Redness/Vein Laser Therapy

Fillers injection for Wrinkles

Fractional CO2 laser

INFINI Microneedling RF

Laser Surgery Services
Acne/Pore reducing Laser
Collagen Stimulating Laser
Excimer Laser
Facial Veins laser
Hair Laser Removal
IPL Fotofacial
Melasma Laser
Nail Fungus Laser
Resurfacing Laser
Scar revision Laser
Tattoo Removal Lasers
VBeam Pulse Dye Laser
Wart Laser


Leg Vein Laser Therapy & Asclera Sclerotherapy

Liposonix + Vaser Shape Nonsurgical Body Sculpting

Melasma and Pigmentation

Pore Size Reduction and Laser Rejuvenation

PRP for Hair Loss and Rejuvenation

Sculptra and Voluma Liquid Facelift

Ulthera natural lift & skin tightening of face and neck

Vlase for Feminine Dryness, Atrophy, Stress-induced incontinence 

Women's Wellness Center

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* Review Dr. Ting's 727+ Q&A on RealSelf

Thank you for choosing California Dermatology Care as your skin care provider. We will need you to enter your demographics, insurance and medical history online prior to your appointment. We are proud to introduce a upgraded patient portal MyPatientVisit to facilitate a more efficient channel of communication (e.g. make request for appointments, medication refills, billing issue). While you can still email directly to staff@caldermcare.com, we strongly encourage that you corresponde with our office via secure link https://www.mypatientvisit.com/#/login?practiceID=JPPUOA  

Even you have previously created an account with our older patient portal, you will still need to create new account to access our latest upgraded patient portal. For established patients whose email and date of birth are in our system, you can create an account using your email. For new patients or established patients whose email and date of birth we do not have in the system, you will need to provide both information (email and date of birth) to our staff or utilize the old username and password or be given a new set by our staff and click ‘or register by username’ link next to email.

The website link above will take you to the login page for our MyPatientVisit. If you are a new user and have not yet created an account, please select the option at the bottom of the initial login screen for “Create One Here”. You will then be guided through creating a login for our site. You can either register using your email address and date of birth that you provided to the office or you can register by creating a username and entering a security code or alternatively utilizing username and password (either previously provided under the old patient portal or recently provided by staff).

* If registering using your email address *

You will need to enter your email address, First Name, Last Name (same as name on insurance card) and Date of Birth. You will be sent a confirmation email as well as an email with your Safe Health Code. Once you enter the safe health code and connect you will see your dashboard for MyPatientVisit.

* If registering using a username and security code (the security code or password will be provided by the office) *

You will choose the option to register via username and create your own username, password, and enter your First Name, Last Name (same as name on insurance card). You will then complete 3 security questions of your choosing.  Lastly you will enter the security code and connect to see your dashboard for MyPatientVisit.

Once on your dashboard, use the Pre-Register button to walk through demographics, insurance, and forms for the online medical history.

Please email staff@caldermcare.com to request your security code. If prompted, please use JPPUOA for Practice ID.

Rest assured that all information provided is kept confidential, secure, and HIPAA compliant via our upgraded online patient portal.   Please email staff@caldermcare.com or call the office at 925-328-0255 if you have any questions. Thanks again and we look forward to serving your skin care needs.